Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome to Jimmy On The Spot

The objective to bring info to you, regardless of the subject matter. This is an extension of the past blogs I've posted in MySpace, with the intent going further down the rabbit trail with more detailed information. My name may be familiar to those of you who've listened to The Power Hour radio show. If so, I welcome you.

The goal of this site is to promote thinking. Granted, some of the info presented will open your eyes, present an alternative viewpoint, energize you to take action, sometimes make you smile or perhaps make you angry. I'm not afraid to take out the biggest spoon to stir the pot, especially when I have the facts to back my claims. And when I've made an error, I'll be the first to retract my statements. I'm hoping that will be a rarity. With a background in journalism (as a former music journalist), I promise to report my findings, while providing insight about those findings.

Another goal is to provide interviews from others, who have common ideas or alternative viewpoints about things occurring in the world around us, then reporting those to you.

Welcome to "The Spot"!