Monday, March 22, 2010

Today's date is 3/22. Coincidence?

This is an excerpt from comments I posted about the passing of this health care bill, which is moving onward to become law. I thought that it shouldn't just reside in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel comments, but rather, shared amongst more people. It's time to wake up and stop living in this left/right paradigm.

Don't get lulled to sleep again. We've sleepwalked for way too long.


The promised new world order, proclaimed by George H. W. Bush, has arrived today in the form of tyranny under Barack Hussein Obama. Bush, who is a member of Skull and Bones, has the number 322 under the Skull and Bones insignia. Is it any wonder that today's date is 3/22?

Wake up people. It took both sides of the left/right paradigm to arrive at this point. Don't get tricked into thinking that the Republicans are now the good guys. Had they not backed their lame duck candidate against BHO in 2008, things might be different. In hindsight, Ron Paul was the only choice in defeating BHO, yet he's still demonized for his politics within the Republican Party.

This all occurred because Republicans decided to back someone like McCain in 2008. Sadly, even Reagan would've never made it in today's Republican picture. Thoughts of smaller government and independence? Ha! That was all abandoned with Baby Bush and his crazed spending.

Stop whining Republicans. You helped get the US to this point by abandoning true conservatism for a neo-con version of it in the 1990's and 2000's. Don't believe it? In 2000, you could've had a real black American, born here, who knows the Constitution and adheres to Godly principles. His name was Alan Keyes, but again, all of you backed Bush. It's time to live with your compromises and enjoy the tyranny you helped create.

God help and have mercy on this country.

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