Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Myths and Realities of the Tea Party Movement

Ever since my recent posting, which I'm grateful many have read (thanks to the outpouring of the alt-media running with it), more people are coming forward and asking what's driving my viewpoints and my analysis of the current political climate. Everything always goes back to the myth and reality behind the tea parties. While I don't believe the tea party movement to contain "the" silver bullet, I do think that's it's a forward move that people are voicing their concerns and showing up for these events.

As little as even five years ago, the United States citizen was so apathetic to anything in the political climate, it's amazing to see this much activity. That's specifically why I believe we are winning in this infowar. To those who kept questioning, "What exactly are we winning?", just go back and think about the fact that something like a tea party gets mainstream media attention. Again, this was not the case, just as little as five years ago.

So, the reality of it is that "something" is occurring. The citizens are awakening to the fact that they've been asleep too long and allowed all the illusions of what the pop culture dominate their thinking. I believe that the O.J. Simpson debacle, from the chase to the trial, was the beginning of the end to meaningful news being presented in the news media. As a matter of fact, I also believe that single event was the beginning of the end to the credibility of the mainstream news media. A few people recognize that to be the case, while the rest of the populace was awaiting the calamity of the next star or starlet to fall from grace. In short, even though this tabloid news is still occurring in the mainstream news media, the tea party movement has derailed all of the news being shifted to non-issue pablum.

To follow up with this posting, I'm going to list some commonly asked questions and comments, with my follow-up response. Hopefully, in reviewing the thoughts, you will be able to disseminate the tea party myths from the realities.

Regarding my personal experience at a Tea Party rally:

Even though this had the appearance of freedom and liberty, that action told me it was nothing more than business as usual, orchestrated by the Republican Party. This was not the situation of getting secondhand info. Personally seeing and hearing the talks, I knew immediately that the Republican Party "believed” they were the anointed shepherd to the flock that gathered. Opposition should be quickly silenced or the Wizard behind the curtain would be exposed. Again, the intentions of those gathered were pure and honest. Unfortunately, the Republicans were there to simply fleece the flock. Note to all politicians and Dem-Rep talking heads (aka parrots): The true, honest TEA party doesn't have an affiliation to this fraudulent, illusionary two party system. We want nothing more than a return to Constitutional values and an end to US Militaristic Imperialism, which has only carried on from Bush (Iraq) to Clinton (Bosnia) to Bush (Iraq, Afghanistan) to Obama (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan). The cycle of tyranny NEEDS to end.

Regarding to my thoughts of the illusionary two party system:

The Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than Coke and Pepsi in the political world. Most people think they need to choose one or the other, instead of asking if there's anything else. A third party is the "anything else". Having voted for Constitution Party candidates in the last two Presidential elections, I can assure you that my decision was not Coke or Pepsi, but clear, natural spring water, which was refreshing and satisfying. People want something refreshing that is transparent, not more of the choice of damaging, murky, sugar water. The Republicans and Democrats are arriving at the understanding that people are longing and opting for the spring water. And, they are scared. They are scared to death to lose their amalgamated power grip on its electorate, with all the money and perks their positions hold. Their people are currently infiltrating the blogosphere. Republican blog plants are telling us that we don’t need a third party candidate, because “their person” is good enough to defeat the Democrats. The Democrats are saying that Obama and this Democrat Party controlled Congress just “needs a chance” and stick with them, so those bad Republicans don’t get in again. Being that I follow the Constitution and libertarian minded candidates, I see more of the Republican infiltrators where my thoughts are posted. They try to convince us that our third party cannot work and is not good for the United States. They use the fear that it only allows more Democrats to get into office. They try to convince us that if the Republicans got in office, we’d return to the days of Reagan. They think we’re unpatriotic for wanting to promote someone with strong Constitutional and libertarian values. The more “they think and try”, the more their agenda is becoming more obvious. They’re aware that a third party can succeed and will disrupt the business as usual government mentality. Vote like it's the last election you'll ever vote in. Chances are, it just might be.

What single issue the tea party movement should be aware of:

Here's our greatest obstacle. The market is going to crash...hard! The fiat currency is going to be devalued to one-third of what it is now, along with our wages. It doesn't matter who's in the White House or who holds the majority in the Congress. The CFR was set on this happening this year and the plans are already in motion. I had this info a few years ago and the writing's on the wall. I don't want to sound alarmist (although this might), but get set with storeable foods, have cash on hand (bank holidays coming and ATMs will be null and void), maintain a portion of your holdings in gold and silver, and don't fear owning a gun. We are heading for crazy times and I'm hoping/praying for people to be prepared. I'm with all of you who want to jail those who've placed us in this situation in contempt (and treason). We don't have that sort of time. Look after your friends and family. Please! Pray....and pray hard! We're in for some very rough times. The left and right are an illusion to distract you. If you're really part of this movement, you'll understand my comments. If not, you'll recall them as they come into motion. Either way, bank these thoughts.

Where the thoughts for the single issue have been formulated:

I'm typically plugged into The Power Hour, The Flipside, and the Infowars radio shows. Plus, I research the info on those two shows, as to validate or negate the info being presented. 95% of the time, the info is spot on. The other 5%, it's worse than what's being told to us by this government and it's complicit corporate-owned, mainstream media. I think Max Keiser, Pastor Lindsey Williams, Gerald Celente, Ron Paul, and Bob Chapman are the leading spokesmen for the current financial calamity. Bob Chapman is usually the most cutting edge with his analysis and what's occurring. The International Forecaster

I'd highly encourage people to end this left/right debate, since both parties are responsible for getting us to this point. I mean, if someone honestly analyzes this situation, the constant they'll find is that the congressional majority has always been either Republican or Democrat. That's specifically why a third party is the only way out of this mess, since those other two parties are more interested in their stronghold on the United States citizens, rather than doing what's constitutionally correct.

Closing thoughts:

In short, the myth is buying into the fact that this movement isn't real. Regardless of what it eventually evolves into, people are waking up. Are enough people waking up? Are people going to be led like sheep to the slaughter again? I would caution anyone, mostly Republicans who think this movement is yours to inherit, that if this group's issues are not addressed, the tea parties of the last few years are going to look benign to the ones that will follow. People can only bend so long, until the breaking point is reached. If the Republicans gain a majority in either the House or Senate, and place "Scott Brown" (who voted along with Obama/multi-nationalists) candidates in control, you're going to be looking for an all out second revolution. And as bad as the socialist arm of the Democrat Party is, the Republican Party would likely be blamed for the true death of the republic. Just remember that!