Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can You Get To The Other Side of the River?

While talking with my pastor (Joe Ellis), we were discussing how many things in life don't happen until we're ready for them to happen. This seed is planted, but like any seed, it takes time to nurture, take root, grow, then produce the fruits of its time. I'm in that situation (more often times than not). That being the case, I thought it might be helpful to share the vision that was given, while we were discussing this subject.

I was mentioning to Pastor Ellis that I could fully see the goal, but it was like crossing a river. Typically, you can see the far bank of the river (where you want to arrive at), but there's an uncertainty of how you'll arrive to the other side. Given the past three weeks, I'm more convinced that only prayer, faith and trust are the only ways to get there. There have been a number of diversions, insights, moments of realizations and opportunities occurring on a daily, if not hourly basis in the recent months, all of which have been enveloped in prayer and prayerfully being guided.

With prayers, it's not only those of your own, but others around you. In my current situation, everyone was praying for this door to open for Kim (my wife) and I, yet leaving it in God's hands to create the situation He is wanting in my life. Oftentimes, we demand a lot of God (through our prayers), when we should be following His lead for us. We could be missing out on the "something better" He has for us, since we're too busy thinking we have the key to it all. He already is aware of what's in our hearts. And in wanting what's best for us, His children, He will take His time in getting us there. Even though, we're like the kids in the back of the car on that long, hot summer trip asking, "Are we there yet?"

I'd mentioned to Pastor Ellis the difference between pushed and pulled. It's better to be pulled, but that subject can remain for another blog entry. I feel blessed that our church has been praying identical prayers to ours, without our knowing about it. That, to me, is proves a moving of the Holy Spirit through the situation, as to reaffirm all is happening in God's time and order, not mine. It's the whole idea behind, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done." It's always thy and not my!

We must have the faith that the prayers are being answered. This goes hand in hand with the trust that the best outcome is going to come about. I've never believed in blind faith, since you're eyes need to be open to what's being presented. We have to trust that it's not just the blind leading the blind, but God's guidance pulling us along.

While telling Pastor Ellis about this, the river came into view for me, with this analogy. Each answered prayer is creating a stepping stone across the river. As faith and trust grows, and the prayers continue, another stone appears. It's the faith and trust to get to the next stone that is the key. All the while, the river is either calm or raging, but we need to maintain that our prayers, faith, and trust is going to get us to the river bank, that we were once viewing from the other side. We can only cross, one stone at a time. It might take time for the next stone to appear, and we might end up standing in the middle of a raging river, but consequently the waters will calm and the next stone will appear. And for true adventure, you might have to jump to the next stone in the middle of the raging river. Doing that takes faith and trust, as does stepping to the next stone in the calmness.

This vision showed me that the stepping stones will appear, but not along my desired time line. God is faithful to what He places in your heart and in your mind. God operates outside of our time and all happens in His time. Most everyone is aware of that promise in Ecclesiastes. Dreams and things placed in the heart are not happenstance. Maintain the prayers, keep in faith, and trust that you'll see the stepping stones.

He truly wants you to get to the other side of the river.

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