Monday, June 27, 2011

Second Chances Are Worth Pursuing

As many of you know, Kim (my wife) and I have done a lot of church hopping in the past four years. Three years ago, friends of ours suggested that we should all attend this church (David's House), which is right within walking distance of our condo. The time we attended, I just got this sense that it wasn't the place. We then ended up going to Community of Believers, where Kim and I got married. David's House wasn't necessarily a place I wouldn't attend, but as I mentioned to our friends, something didn't seem right at that time.

Fast forward to just two weeks ago:

Kim and I had been through a very "not good" sermon at the church we were currently attending. I mentioned to her that I didn't like the idea of church hopping, but this was not resonating with us, who we were, and how we walk in our faith.

There was a festival on our downtown area and David's House is in that area of town. I'd noticed, while walking our new Sheltie puppy, that the church had a new name of Grace & Glory Fellowship. Some people were just leaving the Sunday service and I asked them if it was a new church. Karen (who spoke to Kim and I for about 90 minutes) said that it's the same church, but it has gone through some spiritual housecleaning. The church was redefining what it was about and rededicating to their faith in Jesus. At that point, I explained how we originally checked it out and I sensed something wasn't right at the time we went. Karen's eyes opened wide.

She told us that I picked up on the internal struggle in the church and the pastor's dementia. Through a miraculous healing, he no longer has the dementia, or even any sign of it. Karen told Kim and I that I must have a great gift of discernment, because that was far from a time that it would've been good for any new people to attend. Karen likened it to a much needed upheaval and re-dedication that was to follow.

So, after talking with Karen, Kim and I decided to check out a Sunday service. This time around, it was completely different and in a very positive way. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit working through this church is amazing. We heard the testimony of physical healings within the congregation. We heard of miracles happening. Kim and I felt at home with this group and how the Holy Spirit is using the church. Needless to say, we are going there on a weekly basis.

The basic moral of this story is multi-faceted. First, sometimes something isn't initially right for you, but that doesn't mean that it won't be at some point. Secondly, discernment is completely underrated. Whenever you get that sense of something not being right, do not through yourself into it. Again, I could sense this was a good place, but three years ago, the timing wasn't right. Trust that you're given the high signs for a reason and don't question them. And finally, humble yourself when the time comes. We threw out the past and looked at this church as a completely new church. Thankfully, we did do that!


  1. Good article. My wife and I are going through much of the same thing. There is a church we would like to become members with, but some serious house cleaning needs to happen first. We are waiting on the Lord to change some hearts or remove certain road blocks.

  2. I completely understand your position, Anonymous. My wife and I are, once again, moving on to another church. She had the concern that we were failing in finding the "right church", but I assured her, as long as we were pursuing the truth, this would be normal to do. We did find another church, for the time, to rest in the Word. I find this one to be more solid than the one we are leaving behind, yet that doesn't prevent me from praying for all those friends and acquaintances we've left behind at other churches. Regardless of the church building, we are all pieces in the body of Christ.