Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby Boomers & The Black Friday Generation

While posting comments for one of the LinkedIn groups I belong to, I thought that the points I was conveying there shouldn't be tied to those just within the group.  So, I decided to post the info again here.  The main subject was regarding social security and how the baby boomers are understanding that they have been deceived in what they considered was going to be a happy retirement.  These are the thoughts I offered the reader of that posting, which I'm sharing again here.

I've heard comments that 80 will be the new 65, regarding the "new" retirement age. Here are some of the things people simply do not understand.

Without a solid manufacturing base (because of all those wonderful free trade agreements), those who would be filling those positions and adding funds to the social(ist) security system cannot. Remember, this is a rollover fund, where the money goes out as soon as it's collected. This will eventually burden the current workforce, because with fewer people in the workforce, it's going to take more of their contributions to fulfill the checks for those collecting social(ist) security. Bringing me to the next point.

People who are retired may be forced to get smaller checks AND those who are currently contributing may be forced to contribute more to SS. Yes, this is nothing more than a planned shifting of wealth from one group of people to another. And again, this was planned. Don't think for a moment that this didn't cross someone's mind when they were putting this system in action AND voting for free trade agreements. The bottom line is that the system NEEDS you to be dependent of them, which is makes it easier to control you!

Meanwhile, we have a "Black Friday Generation" that is consuming mindlessly, buying into the lies of consumption, and acquiring items with money they simply don't have. You cannot create a healthy economy by living in constant debt. Why is still such a hard subject for people to grasp and understand?

The problem with the majority of the citizens of this country is that they are sleepwalking and /or hypnotized by the endless propaganda coming from their television sets. Camping out in front of a store, two weeks before the sale, is now considered a badge of honor. How on earth did we get to this point?

I'm going to finish with this thought. Regardless of the consumption, the social security system, or the blind following of doing what the TV tells someone to do, at some point, EVERY bill needs to be paid. And if people don't understand that debtor prisons could happen again, they better think twice. How many people have just accepted another credit card without reading the fine print. If I'm recalling correctly, every credit card on the market has a clause allowing them to collect the full bill at any given time. Think about it, if the banks declare an emergency and need those funds to be collected, because they're too big to fail, then debtor prisons could be the solution for them. Again, the person who signed the credit card agreement entered into a contract with the devils that create money out of thin air. The debtor is responsible, not the creditor.

If it's difficult to grasp that debtor prisons are possible, the links enclosed just might offer backing to the claims I'm making. 

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Connecting the dots, those in power WANT you to be in debt and will do all they can to make certain you remain there. Outsourcing and free trade agreements were all part of the equation to ensure control.  Sadly, their propaganda works and will continue to do so.

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